3 American Personal Care Products Manufacturing Trends

26 October 2021
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While the sales of personal care products plummeted when the COVID-19 pandemic began, sales are now back to pre-pandemic levels. However, the change in thinking and habits of people throughout the world that the pandemic caused has contributed to a shift in beauty and personal care trends that all American personal care manufacturing experts should know about.  Read on to learn about three big American personal care manufacturing trends today influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More 

Why Vegan Acne Pads Are The Best Choice For Clearing Up Acne

30 July 2021
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At some point during their lives, most people suffer from acne. For some, it may only be an occasional blemish, but for others, those breakouts may occur more frequently. There are many different products on the market that claim to work great at clearing up acne. However, many of those have harsh chemicals in the ingredients that may also damage the skin. These are some reasons why using vegan acne pads is the best choice for clearing up acne. Read More 

Tinted Sunscreen: Protection And Coverage To Count On

8 April 2021
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While sunscreen has long been lauded as being good for the skin, many may only reach for a bottle every now and then. The biggest benefit of using sunscreen will be the protection it provides while also preventing future aging. Incorporating sunscreen into a daily routine will bring positive results for healthier skin and is a safe and convenient addition to any skincare regimen. Using sunscreen on a daily basis is a must for those who wish to preserve their skin and protect it from UV rays. Read More