3 American Personal Care Products Manufacturing Trends

26 October 2021
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While the sales of personal care products plummeted when the COVID-19 pandemic began, sales are now back to pre-pandemic levels. However, the change in thinking and habits of people throughout the world that the pandemic caused has contributed to a shift in beauty and personal care trends that all American personal care manufacturing experts should know about. 

Read on to learn about three big American personal care manufacturing trends today influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

1. Men's and Unisex Products 

While men's skincare and color cosmetics lines have been growing in popularity in Asia for years, the stigma that has prevented American men from embracing personal care products other than basic shaving creams, soaps, and hair grooming products is now diminishing. 

For this reason, many personal care products manufacturers all over the world are creating full skincare product, and even color cosmetics, lines for men. These lines include a variety of skincare products that men are now embracing, such as anti-aging creams and serums, when these products were once typically marketed with only women in mind. 

While you can add a men's product line to your personal care products brand to help increase sales to this demographic, another way to encourage males to purchase your products is to place them in unisex, gender-neutral packaging. Gender-neutral products are also becoming more popular, likely because their labels and packages are just as appealing to male consumers as they are females. 

2. Skincare Products 

While women are still purchasing color cosmetics, both women and men are now purchasing more skincare products than ever. This increase in skincare product sales has many causes, including the American adaptation of the traditional Korean beauty 10-step skincare routine; a rise in skincare problems that COVID-19 masks can cause, such as acne now deemed maskne; and an overall change in the American view of skincare products as health and wellness products instead of just products that support skin beauty. 

If you do not yet manufacture skincare products for both face and body, then consider adding a few to your lineup to potentially increase overall product sales. 

3. Synthetic and Natural Ingredients 

Just a few years ago, Americans were shying completely away from personal care products with synthetic star ingredients and instead embracing all-natural and organic ingredients. While the natural ingredient trend is not expected to go away anytime soon, many skincare brands are offering personal care products that contain both synthetic and natural star ingredients with great success. 

While there are many reasons that synthetic personal care product ingredients are being embraced again, one reason is that some synthetic ingredients are simply better for the environment than their natural counterparts—some popular natural personal care product ingredients are unsustainable, and the beauty industry has contributed to the over-harvesting of these natural substances. 

If you work in the American personal care products manufacturing industry, then keep these three American personal care products manufacturing trends in mind if you plan to add new products to your line(s).