How To Make Lash Extensions Work Well For Hooded Eyes

10 January 2022
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Hooded eyelids are those with little to no crease, creating what is commonly referred to as an upper mono-lid. While some people believe the misconception that they're hard to pair with lash extensions, this eye type can actually benefit the most from getting longer eyelashes. The right extensions help highlight the lid and give your eyes a more distinctive look. These tips will help you pick out the right extensions for your unique eye type during your next salon visit.

Go for a Strong Curl

Flat lashes are popular because of the more natural appearance they offer for most eye types. Yet for the hooded eye type, these lashes may not extend far enough vertically to make much of a visual impact. For a more eye-opening effect, look for lashes on the curlier side of the spectrum. Most manufacturers will label these types as L, L+, and D. Your lash stylist can help you determine exactly which level of curl best complements your lid type.

Stick with Classic Cat-Eye Styles

For a reliable everyday look, a cat eyelash extension pattern is often the best for hooded eyes. Short to medium lashes cover most of the eye, while longer lashes at the end elongate the shape. It is a style that complements most lid and eye types, but it's particularly flattering for hooded eyes. Consider if you'd rather open the eye or elongate it. Cat-eye styles tend to lengthen the eye's appearance, while lash patterns with longer middle lashes will visually open them more.

Ask for Longer Middle Lashes

If a cat eye doesn't quite change up your eye shape enough, try a middle-focused lash pattern. To boost the curve of a hooded eye and make it appear more peaked, consider asking for extended middle lashes. Peaking the length of the lash pattern closer to the center of the eye draws the line upward, giving the eyes a more rounded shape.

Limit Megavolume Techniques to Larger Eyes

Those with very round or smaller hooded eyes may want to avoid the high-end megavolume technique. While packing in the lashes creates a fan-like look that is highly on-trend right now, it can overwhelm certain eye shapes, regardless of the type of lid you have. Go for a more limited look to let the eyes shine through rather than hiding them behind too many lashes. Larger, wider eye shapes can balance out the megavolume look, even with a hooded lid.

No matter what you choose, lash extensions will give your eyes a bolder look even without makeup. They're easy to care for and only need occasional refreshment. Contact a local eyelash extension service near you to learn more.