Whitening Your Teeth With Activated Charcoal Powder Or Toothpaste

15 November 2018
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What's all the buzz about using charcoal teeth whitening to brighten your teeth and smile? Well, it's not that surprising that this age-old product is on the horizon again after seemingly lying there in hibernation only to be discovered once again. It's actually been used by people centuries ago for dental and other medical care. Many people are now trying this very popular trend to enhance their smile, and it comes in powder or toothpaste form.

What Is Charcoal Teeth Whitening?

Charcoal teeth whitening is derived from a treated form of carbon, and the treatment form thereafter is called activated charcoal. During the activated treatment process, the carbon becomes porous. The carbon's attained porosity is now responsible for the theory that the pores peel away tartar, stains, and bacteria from your teeth. The qualities of absorbency within the pores in effect heightens the open pores to capture and pull away unwanted stains and bacteria from your teeth.

Compelling Nature Of Activated Charcoal

Here is what's so compelling about activated charcoal. It is known and used to treat medical conditions such as intestinal gastric issues, drug overdoses, cholestasis during pregnancy, and low cholesterol. You can then understand why the pores of activated charcoal so readily absorb chemicals and toxin and thus also easily absorbs that muck of unhealthy toxic buildups on your teeth. Rest assured that the activated charcoal does not change the color of your teeth. It only removes the surface stains.

Brushing Your Teeth With Activated Charcoal

Assuming that you're using the powder form of activated charcoal, you'll be adding water to mix a paste for brushing your teeth. Remember now that the outer layer of enamel covering your teeth cannot be replaced once you've damaged it. So talk to your dentist before you use activated charcoal. Be aware that you must never aggressively scrub your teeth with the product. The abrasiveness of the charcoal can chip your teeth. Just lightly brush your teeth while using it. Remind yourself that it is the porosity of the activated charcoal pores that removes the stains from your teeth. Your involvement is to simply brush your teeth lightly. No power brushing is required from you.

Charcoal Toothpaste

You have the option of purchasing the toothpaste form of activated charcoal and using it. Check the boxed product to learn about the percentage of activated charcoal in this product. It may be lower than the powder form and contain less abrasiveness. If you're unsure about the toothpaste form, then you should discuss any concerns with your dentist before you start using it.